Robotic Applications
Our customer-oriented approach to food products improves quality and increases productivity. We increase productivity even more with end-of-line automation.
Robotic Applications
The plastics industry is constantly developing, which is conducive to the demand for comprehensive and proven solutions. OSR Robotics offers technologies that support quality, performance and safety but also have a positive impact on sustainability.
Robotic Applications
Cardboard boxes are not only important for the corporate identity of the companies, but also an important advertising material that protects the environment. We aim to develop an effective mechanism for producing and implementing low cost and increased quality solutions for the corrugated cardboard industry.
Corrugated Cardboard
Robotic Applications
For automotive spare parts suppliers, we aim to develop an effective mechanism for producing and implementing low-cost and increasing quality solutions. We constantly strive to improve production standards.
Robotic Applications
Our solutions for the furniture industry include a wide range of advanced technologies that enable furniture manufacturers to implement world-class standards, and our customer-oriented approach fosters quality while increasing productivity.

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