Robotic Palletizing Automation

Robotic Palletizing Automation systems that lets products get palletized fast and smooth by working together with automatic empty pallet feeder, product styling, product sorting, palletizing robots and automated stretching systems.

Robotic Palletizing Automation is able to meet the needs in many different industries;;

  • Flour Plants
  • Sugar Refineries
  • Saltworks
  • Cement Plants
  • Construction Chemicals
  • Pulses Factories
  • And etc. are used to palletize grinded and grained products.

Specifications and Benefits

  • Faster palletizing
  • Standardization in number of pallets in palletizing
  • Time and Labor saving
  • Smooth product placing with gripper
  • Different configuration in pallet placing with programming
  • 4000-5000 hours packaging performance
  • 5-50 kg package range in application
  • Small and flexible area need in installation
  • User friendly and Less Service Need

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